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” Future Payment System “, a joint venture founded in 2009. is an exclusive representative of Ingenico Group ”    in Armenia

TSYS Payment Solutions

representative in Armenia

Rosan Finance

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The company is the first to certify recent international systems in Armenia


Thanks to the Visa payWave card with contactless payment technology, you don’t even have to enter a PIN number for payment. Since you make purchases without releasing the card from your hands, this provides more reliable protection against fraud than traditional technology, when you have to transfer the card to third parties or pass it through a reader.


Contactless payment technology that allows you to make one-touch purchases using a MasterCard Contactless card. Simply hold the card a few centimeters to the reader and the payment will be made almost instantly.

Express Pay​

A universal payment card allows you to quickly replenish your phone’s account for any balance. Does not require internet access. In addition, the card allows you to replenish not only your balance, but also friends, relatives, acquaintances, etc. There are no payment terminals in your region? Universal payment card at your service! The card’s functionality expands day by day. To use the card, you only need to use the USSD request. When using a universal payment card, Internet traffic is not consumed.

American Express​

The peculiarity and advantage of American Express cards is that you can pay cash in more than 6 million trade and service enterprises in 200 countries around the world, in 3,700 travel agencies and offices around the world, with more than 500,000 ATMs worldwide.


The MIR banking card with its functionality is virtually no different from Visa and MasterCard. It allows a whole range of necessary banking operations, including: receiving and paying money, paying for goods and services, transferring money from one card to another. Unlike international payment systems, transactions with “Mir” can not be suspended, no external economic and political factors can affect the payment of World Payment cards.