The TMS software package is a powerful and flexible solution that allows users to manage an acquiring network and make changes to software settings through a user-friendly web interface.

Thanks to our TMS software package, you have opportunities: Configure payment terminals and PIN-pads at the level of the payment application.

Export terminal configurations as files for subsequent local and remote download to devices. Remotely update the payment application and operating system components to devices. Receive remote access to the configuration subsystem for users through the WEB interface using the “thin client” technology. Adjust the level of data access. Download data to devices via TCP / IP, telephone networks, RS232, as well as wireless connections GSM / GPRS, WiFi and Bluetooth. Organize a centralized or distributed device management system Quickly change the contents and structure of the check using the built-in check generator Manage certificates, working key cryptograms and passwords according to PA-DSS. and much more.